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Webinar Recordings

Date:  02/06/2020

If you are not able to join us, this webinar will be 

available for purchase post-event

Our Latest Webinar

A webinar that will inform and instil confidence -for Trainee Teachers and NQTs starting in schools in September 2020. Be Prepared!

About this Event

Education is passing through an unprecedented and challenging time. It is crucial that all teaching professionals, regardless of the stage in their careers, feel well-supported and able to take on the challenges of a modern day education system. Current trainees may not have had all the opportunities afforded to them as previous cohorts, but that does not mean you cannot/will not be a brilliant teacher/addition to the profession. This live webinar works on the basis that trainee teachers and NQTs alike, need enough knowledge to evoke confidence, allowing them/you to feel secure and to shine in your new role.

Our Latest Webinar

Our Latest Webinar